Meet the Council


Lochgoil Community Council, like other Community Councils, is a democratically elected Body put in place by Government to represent the Community in its area. Community Councillors are all volunteers and give there time voluntary to the Community. They are the problem solvers and supporters for community concerns around their area, taking those issues for the Community to Local Government, MPs, NHS, Police, National Park, and Forestry Commission Scotland. They are the main Contact and supporters for their Area put in place by Government.


A message from the Chairman

As Chair of your Local Community Council Elected by the Community and fellow councillors, I have never varied from my belief that I am there to support the local Community, to represent their needs and desires within the community. As Chair I do not toe any political party line and firmly state that National Politics has no place in local Community Councils. I work hard for my community and attend many meetings which could affect our community now or in the future”  Ewan Hardy, Chairman of the Lochgoil Community Council


How to join the Council

Local Elections are held every 3 years and advertised in the local press and notice boards.



Held the last Monday of the month in the Village Hall Library at 7.30pm. Meetings are open to the public


Meet the Committee

Ewan Hardy – Convenor

Iain MacInnes MBE  -Vice Convenor

Dennis Bolt – Treasurer

Irene McAllister –  Secretary

Tom Murray

Elizabeth Bain

Lorna Alexander

Iain Prescott

Community Council Public Communications – Subscribe to Community Mail List

At the February 2014 meeting of the Community Council it was decided to try to improve communications with the public. It is difficult to make everyone aware of local issues in a timely manner and, as a result, the council does not receive as much feedback as they might.

Although not everyone has e-mail, a large proportion of the community does and this could be used beneficially. An e-mailing list is being set up in association with the Community Website and you are invited to subscribe to it. As a minimum, subscribers will receive notification of Community Council meetings, copies of agendas and subsequently the minutes of the meetings. Additionally, other information which the Council feels the community should be aware of will also be forwarded. Information will continue to be published on village notice boards and in The Wee Goil.

If you wish to subscribe, please send an email with the subject “Subscribe to Community Mail List” to .


If you would like to bring anything to the attention of the Community Council please contact the Chair and/or Secretary, or any Councillor.


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