Whats the latest news?


LATEST POST: Donich Circular Walk - Update. Send any news you would like to include to: Webmaster Donich Circular Walk - Update How does the saying go...

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Find a local business

Local Businesses

Support local business - keep our community alive! There is an impressive range of local businesses in the area. Check the list for services. Accommodati...

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Join a village club

Village Clubs

There is a great choice of village clubs, all of which welcome new members. Follow the links to find out more. Angling Club Bingo Night Bowling C...

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Find a job in the area


Jobs . Ardroy Outdoor Centre Currently advertising for domestic staff.  Kitchen and cleaning duties. 9am to 1pm. Jenny Allen Tel: 01301 703 353 Email:...

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What is on in the village hall

Village Hall Calendar

What's On at the Village Hall. Check the easy to use calendar to find out as well as information on how to book the hall and the costs. More details: ...

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Village councils information

Community Councils

Find out about more about the work of the Community Council, The Council Trust and the Jetty Trust. There are three active councils within the village. Cl...

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